Red Rose Tea Premiums
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Highly collectible as Red Rose Tea premiums, however, not made by the Wade Company.
Found only in Canadian Red Rose Tea during the 1990's.
"RED ROSE" is embossed on reverse side of teapots in sets 2, 3, and 4 (see above picture).

  Red Rose Tea Premium Set 1 (complete set not available)
Set of 8:
Available Individually:  White Stove,  Rose Cupboard, Tea Cart ... $3.75 ea.
  Red Rose Tea Premium Set 2 ... $26 set of 8
Available Individually: Church, The Theater,  Fire Hall, Vegetable Stand, Town Hall, Tea Room, Barber Shop, Rosa’s Flower Shop ... $3.75 ea.
  Red Rose Tea Premium Set 

Not available

  Millennium Miniature Teapots Set 4
Set not available.
Available Individually:  TV, Cellular Phone ... $3.75 ea.

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